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In Grimes, Iowa


In Grimes, Iowa, the construction of the bustling Grimes Strip Mall was underway. To ensure a quality roof, the developers sought the best, leading them to Eagle Construction Group. With a reputation for excellence, Eagle was entrusted to deliver a roofing system that not only protected businesses but also enhanced the mall’s aesthetic appeal. This decision became the cornerstone of a successful project, showcasing the community’s dedication to quality craftsmanship. Today, the Grimes Strip Mall thrives as a hub of local commerce, a testament to the enduring spirit of excellence in construction.


When it came to installing the flat roof for the Grimes Strip Mall, Eagle Construction Group faced several specific challenges:

  1. Precise Drainage: Grimes, Iowa experiences varying weather conditions, including heavy rain and snow. Eagle had to meticulously plan the roof’s slope and drainage system to ensure efficient water runoff and prevent potential leaks.
  2. Material Selection: Choosing the right roofing material was critical, considering the region’s climate. Eagle carefully selected materials that would provide insulation and durability while staying within the project’s budget.
  3. Sealing Vulnerabilities: Flat roofs are prone to leaks, particularly at seams and roof penetrations. Eagle paid special attention to sealing these areas to guarantee a watertight roof.
  4. Local Maintenance Requirements: Grimes’ specific weather patterns and conditions meant that the roof needed to be equipped to handle any scenario. Eagle provided guidance to the mall’s management on tailored maintenance practices.
  5. Weight Distribution: The mall’s roof was designed to house HVAC units and other equipment, potentially adding substantial weight. Eagle ensured that the roof structure was engineered to handle these loads without compromise.
  6. Energy Efficiency: Proper insulation and ventilation were essential to maintaining a comfortable interior and energy efficiency. Eagle designed the roof to balance these factors effectively.


Iowa’s unpredictable weather demanded a roofing solution that could handle heavy rains and snow. The solution? A meticulously designed roof with efficient drainage, preventing leaks and pooling water.

Material selection was another puzzle. The roof needed to withstand the region’s diverse climate while offering reliable insulation. Eagle Construction Group’s answer was a combination of durability and cost-effectiveness.

The vulnerability of flat roofs to leaks was a concern, especially at seams and penetrations. Eagle’s team approached this with unwavering attention to detail, ensuring every potential weak spot was sealed watertight.

With the intention of accommodating heavy HVAC units, the roof’s weight distribution needed careful consideration. Eagle’s engineers meticulously designed the structure to support this added load safely.

Efficiency was paramount, both in insulation and ventilation, to maintain a comfortable interior and conserve energy. Eagle’s design struck the perfect balance, delivering an energy-efficient roof.

This success story of the Grimes Strip Mall reflects the unwavering commitment of Eagle Construction Group to address unique roofing challenges. The result? A thriving local center, businesses protected, and a visually appealing complex standing proudly against the elements.