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Renewing a Cracking Driveway in Des Moines, Iowa


In a peaceful suburban neighborhood in Des Moines, Iowa, a homeowner reached out to Eagle Construction with a pressing issue. The concrete driveway of their contemporary residence had seen better days, marred by cracks, surface damage, and sunken areas. The project’s objective was two-fold: to restore the property’s curb appeal and rectify the safety hazards arising from the deteriorating driveway.



  1. Deteriorating Driveway: Years of wear and tear had taken a toll on the existing concrete driveway. It was riddled with cracks, structural issues, and sunken portions, posing a danger to those using it.


  1. Modern Aesthetic: The homeowner had a vision for a driveway that not only addressed these structural concerns but also seamlessly blended with the clean and modern look of their home. Achieving this demanded careful design and material selection.


  1. Drainage and Grading: Proper drainage was imperative to prevent water pooling or runoff issues, especially given the site’s slight slope. It was vital to factor this into the project’s design and construction.


  1. Budget Constraints: The homeowner had a specific budget in mind, necessitating a solution that would align with their financial parameters without compromising quality or durability.


  1. In-Depth Evaluation: The project commenced with a comprehensive assessment of the existing driveway. This evaluation identified the extent of damage and the root causes behind its deterioration, serving as the basis for the project’s strategy.


  1. Customized Contemporary Design: Eagle Construction collaborated with an architect to create a sleek and contemporary concrete driveway. This design incorporated geometric patterns and integrated lighting, merging functionality with aesthetics.


  1. Addressing Drainage: To tackle drainage and grading challenges, Eagle Construction implemented a slight slope and installed a trench drain along the driveway’s perimeter. This strategic move ensured proper water flow, mitigating pooling and erosion.


  1. Cost-Effective Material Choices: While upholding quality standards, Eagle Construction made judicious material selections. They utilized locally available concrete and adopted efficient construction techniques to remain within the homeowner’s budget.


  1. Experienced Craftsmanship: Eagle Construction’s team of skilled professionals executed the project with precision. The newly designed and poured concrete driveway featured clean lines, reinforced structures, and precisely placed embedded lighting.


The project achieved its goals by expertly addressing the deteriorating driveway’s structural concerns while enhancing the property’s aesthetic appeal. The homeowner welcomed a modern and visually appealing driveway that seamlessly integrated with their home’s design. This undertaking underscored Eagle Construction’s dedication to delivering tailored solutions that meet the client’s specific needs and budget, all while upholding unwavering standards of quality and functionality.