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Jacksonville, Florida’s Multifamily Townhome Renewal Project


In the vibrant city of Jacksonville, Florida, a multifamily townhome project was ready for a rejuvenation.

An investment company reached out to Eagle Construction to tackle this project. Aimed to breathe new life into the townhomes, revitalizing their appearance and ensuring they remained a desirable place for their residence to call home.



  1. Aging Facade: The townhomes had weathered over time, with their facades showing signs of wear and aging. The project sought to restore their visual appeal.


  1. Modernization: To maintain their market appeal, the townhomes needed a modern touch while preserving their distinctive architectural character.


  1. Energy Efficiency: Energy efficiency and sustainability were paramount. Upgrades were required to enhance insulation and reduce long-term energy costs.


4. Budget Constraints:The project operated under specific budget limitations, requiring a balance between quality and cost-effectiveness



  1. Comprehensive Revitalization: The project embarked on a comprehensive facelift, which included renewing the exterior surfaces and addressing any structural concerns.


  1. Modern Aesthetic: Aesthetic enhancements were achieved by offering a range of contemporary siding materials, colors, and styles that harmonized with the townhomes’ design.


  1. Energy-Efficient Upgrades: To ensure sustainability, the project introduced energy-efficient solutions, enhancing insulation and optimizing energy consumption for each unit.


  1. Budget-Friendly Approaches: While ensuring high-quality standards, the project adopted cost-effective materials and methods to remain within budget constraints.


By undertaking this multifamily townhome renewal project, the townhomes not only retained their visual appeal but also embraced modernity and energy efficiency. This story underscores the commitment to maintaining and improving the charm and livability of Jacksonville, Florida’s multifamily townhomes.